What is Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)?

Beef Quality Assurance is a voluntary program that revolves around producer and industry education geared toward producing safe and wholesome beef products in a humane manner for consumers.  The desired outcomes include:  preventing drug residues in beef products, increasing awareness of food safety and humane animal care, and all the while improving consumer confidence in beef products.  All segments of the beef industry from farm to table are responsible for safe, high-quality, and wholesome beef products.  In BQA, a core curriculum of Best Management Practices (BMPs) is available for beef producer training and certification.  The WSU Extension and Washington Cattlemen’s Association are working together in the planning stages to provide local opportunities for producers to attend BQA workshops and become certified.  Stay tuned – more information is coming!!

Go to www.BQA.org to get certified today.

Quality is Everyone’s