Klickitat county 2017- Lauren Schuster, President; Kristin Cameron, VP; Billi Rolfe, Treasurer; Mary Lee, Secretary.

We had the largest turn out for our February meeting that we have had in years.  The snow had
stopped blowing and everyone was getting cabin fever and needing out for a socializing.  The day before our banquet, both the men and women served lunch and held an all school assembly at the Glenwood School for AG Day.  We had our annual banquet in White Salmon this year and Brad and Kristin Cameron were our Cattlemen of the Year for 2017.  The highest selling Live Auction Item of the evening donated by Ranch Cut Designs so to Helen Rolfe.  All funds from this item were donated to the Phil Garner Memorial Account to benefit kids at Klickitat County Fair Livestock Auction.  Our Beef Counts Event in June was a huge success.  This event was also publicized in an article in the Klickitat County Ruralite.  Kristin Cameron put together a great fair in August booth exhibit, demonstrating all that you can "Be" as a Cattlewoman.  The Klickitat county Cattlewomen also donated cash towards the KC Fair Dinner and offered their 2017 scholarship.  The recipient this year was Emily Hurst.  We have made a group effort this year to increase our membership, which we have by 8 members and activity on Facebook page.


As always, it has been a busy and fulfilling year for the CattleWomen of Kittitas County.  

February was  the Cattlemen’s Banquet where Brenda Hart was selected at CattleWoman of the Year.  Spirit of the West is an opportunity for us to serve beef to folks attending and we had a nice crowd and beautiful weather.

March is always Bull Sale at Trinity Farms and the CattleWomen serve dinner to folks on Friday night and serve lunch before the sale on Saturday.  Judy Ragland found some wonderful books for the eight county elementary schools for the Ag Day Celebration with the grant from our Conservation District.  The bull sale at Eltopia was successful and some of our CattleWomen drove down to help prepare and serve lunch for the buyers.

April 6th was Beef Day on the Hill and a few Kittitas County CattleWomen drove over to serve beef to the folks in Olympia.  The Farm Fair at the County Event Center was attended by 4th graders from throughout the County.  The CattleWomen prepared sack lunches for the adult volunteers and the many FFA students who helped with the event.  The Young Cattlemen’s Tour was held at Chelan HS and some of our CattleWomen drove up to serve lunch to the about 80 students and teachers.  Our April General Meeting was held at Ellensburg Pasta Company and WSP Trooper John Bryant talked to us about driving safely on our highways.

May gives us an opportunity to provide a Mother’s Day basket to be awarded to the first baby born on Mother’s Day.  The Western Art Show allowed us to serve beef to artists on Thursday night as they came in to set up and we also served them lunch on Friday.  It’s a wonderful community service and greatly appreciated by all the artists

For the 9th year the Beef Commission hosted Explore Beef Experience and, again, it started at Trinity Farms.  The CattleWomen served lunch to the attendees and baked a lot of cowboy cookies for them to take on their travels.  Father’s Day is celebrated by surprising a family at a local restaurant who is eating beef and giving them a certificate to purchase their meal.  The WA Beef Commission holds a Beef Brisket, Biscuit and Brew event in the Seattle area each year and this year several Kittitas County CattleWomen drove over to help out.  $10,000 was given to Food Lifeline from this event.

The CattleWomen and Cattlemen partner to provide two County Pride Awards to youngsters who show beef that is born and raised in the County.  This year our Fair Booth theme centered around past County Pride Award winners.  September brings the Fair and the Jr. Livestock Buyer’s luncheon where we serve BBQ beef sandwiches, chips and cowboy cookies to all the buyers.  Bite of the ‘Burg is our opportunity to reach out to the students at CWU and our booth hands out tri-tip bites and beef sausage.  1300 students were served and seemed happy to have some great protein.  The end of September offered us the chance to help with the WCW Beef Promotion event at the Central WA State Fair.   Seven Kittitas CattleWomen and Jane Lee from Klickitat served Santa Fe Beef Chili to fair attendees in two shifts.

October General Meeting was held at Rodeo City BBQ where our officers were installed and instead of a program, we took the opportunity to visit with each other.  A beautiful, blue sky day was a gift as the Kittitas County CattleWomen and Cattlemen, along with 7 FFA students, served tri-tip cooked on-site by Jack Field and Santa Fe Beef chili to fans at the CWU Beef Promotion sponsored by the WCW.  There is no way to thank the 27 volunteers who served beef with a smile!

asotin county 2017

January:  Asotin County CattleWomen (ACCW) were invited once again to have a booth at the trade show during the North Central Idaho Grazing Conference held at Lewiston, Idaho.  Several of our members gave samples of beef meat balls in BBQ sauce to 125 attendees.

February:  ACCW was invited by our County Sheriff to participate in the annual YWCA “Soups On” fundraiser also at Lewiston, Idaho.  Large soup b owls are made at Wendt Pottery a local business.  The public comes to purchase a bowl of soup.   They buy the soup and get to keep the bowl.  This is a long time event and the bowls have become a collector item.  Our members served alongside the Sheriff and his staff.

March:  Cattlemen and CattleWomen attended the annual AG Appreciation Dinner sponsored by the Asotin County /Lewiston, Idaho Chamber of Commerce.  Always a fun event Charlotte ordered and placed 7 posters in Lewiston, Clarkston and Asotin in honor of National AG Day.

APRIL:  Rose Schutte and Joy Schwindt handed out beef at the 2nd Harvest Food distribution on April 11th.  Linda Weatherly was signed up to help Joy however she had a horse incident and was out with a broken finger and several badly bruised fingers.  OUCH!!  The rest of April was devoted to 2 events during our County Fair.  The Cattlemen have a Hamburger Booth on the Fair Grounds 4 days during Fair and also the ACM and ACCW put on a BBQ on Sunday of Fair in the city park about 5 blocks away.  It takes everyone and some of our friends and family to cover these events.  We only had one scholarship applicant this year.  The $500.00 scholarship is awarded on Sunday of Fair.  However the winner was involved in an out of town event.  She will receive the check after the first semester of her first year of college. 

MAY:  Our Memorial Scholarship is funded by our annual Plant Sale (#17), held Friday and Saturday of Mother’s Day Weekend.  The highlight for us is to invite the Asotin and Clarkston FFA members to participate.  Clarkston starts the seeds and Asotin has a section to sell beautiful flower baskets and bedding plants.  The sales are theirs and ACCW sells our own.  We usually clear enough to give 2 scholarships.


September:  Only 3 members showed up; no business was conducted.  We did however purchase 2 BEEF only gift certificates which were delivered to the Asotin and Clarkston High School Family Consumer Science classes.  Each class received $300.00.  Charlotte and Linda handed out 2-one pound beef chubs at the 2nd Harvest food distribution.  Beef Counts really works.  This is the second distribution this year.  (Linda’s hand is healed). 

OCTOBER:  10 members came to the meeting.  The telephone committee works!!  We awarded $500.00 to the Asotin FFA Parliamentary Team of 7 headed to Nationals in a few days.  Other business; by consensus it was decided to not call for a nominating committee for selection of 2018 Officers.  Instead the body preferred to vote to retain the serving officers.


We use the AG Day/Week posters for our area schools and grocery store in our county.  The posters are always attention getters. 

We always put up a CattleWomen/Cattlemen booth at the Ferry County Fair held Labor Day weekend. 

We have information for beef/cattle for the fair-goers to pick up. 

The fair is the biggest function held in Ferry County so it’s our best place to have a presence for our industry.


We held our first meeting in March and recapped 2016.

We donated $500 for Ag in the Classroom.  In April, we awarded four $1,000 scholarships to county graduating seniors who were entering an agriculture related field.

In August, we helped distribute food for Beef Counts at the Omak Food Bank.

In September, we were once again manning the Little Red Barn at the County Fair.  We sold cold roast beef sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches and sloppy joes.  We donated $200 for awards at the beef barn.  We also provided certificates for 10 free drinks and 3 sandwiches to each of the 7 animal barns.  The barn superintendent could hand them out for a job well done.

We will have our annual luncheon meeting the first Saturday in December.  Rather than a gift exchange among members, we decided to provide gifts to a local family in need.  In the evening, we will join the men for a dinner.  We will have a silent auction to raise funds for our county and state organization.

Jean and Buzzy Berney went to Republic in the spring and in the summer to help with the Beef Counts distribution. 

In October we had a “branding” party at the Omak Stampede Museum.

omak stampede museum

In early October the Omak Stampede Museum invited the Cattlemen to “Brand the Fence” surrounding the museum with their own branding irons.  We set up for hot or electric irons.  Buzzy set up the propane stove to heat the irons and he branded the fence with 30 plus brands. 

There will be another time set up in the spring to get more brands. 

Inside the museum is a book for each brand that tells the name of the brand, the owner, and the history of the brand.  Each brand is numbered to correspond.

GRANT COUNTY 2017 - Charlene Brush, President; Doris Sieverkropp, Past President; Nichole Derting, Vice President; Kenzie Morris, Secretary; Debbie Sieverkropp, Treasurer

2016 Cattlewoman of the year was Kenzie Morris

We served BBQ beef to some 110 attendees of the Beef Herd Economics Seminar in January at the Grant County Fairgrounds (up from an initial estimate of about 50).  It was fun to see a lot of young men and women come through the line who have deep roots in the industry which they clearly plan to maintain.

Activities:  Grant County Cattlemen’s Banquet fundraising for WSCW:  we elected to donate a flat $150 for State to use as it saw fit, vs assembling a basket with less confidence of good return.

We were honored with a visit from Eastern Washington Junior Rodeo Queen Breana Daniels and helped her out with some of her many expenses with a $100 donation.  Note that she won her bid for Queen shortly after a devastating automobile accident that left her with her jaw wired shut at the time of her candidate speech!

Kenzie began the process of getting our Facebook page up to date.  We discussed the fact that this club is not only Grant County but really represents all of the central Columbia Basin, as our neighboring counties to the east and south do not currently have CattleWomen’s associations.  We hope to build outreach to this vast area so that our sisters in cattle know they have a listening ear.

Grant County continues to give annual cash gifts to all of our county food banks.  The cash donations have a farther reach than in-kind donations and are always welcomed with much appreciation.

A new Ag Day activity was developed out of the outstanding presentation at last year’s Convention from Lisa Avery and Washington Ag in the Classroom:  we distributed over 15 copies of “Who Grew My Soup” to schools in five towns throughout the county, even including Ephrata’s two private grade schools.  Some of the schools allowed our member to read to the classroom!  It was helpful to have a friend in the school to invite/welcome the Cattlewoman into the school for best results.  This project was far more successful than anticipated.  We need another book to introduce and continue the project into future years.

We are always enthusiastic supporters of the Jr. Angus Show at the GC Fairgrounds; looking forward to the next generation of CattleWomen and Cattlemen bringing their youthful enthusiasm to this industry.

The Grant County CattleWomen were, once again, able to give two $1000 scholarships to students seeking to begin an education in agriculture-related subjects.

Grant County women helped out with the Animal Health and Nutrition Class in Chelan by providing lunch service.

Several women from our county traveled to Gillette, Wyoming for Region V and had a great time getting together with our sisters from throughout the region.  Some of us watched the Kentucky Derby on the hotel lobby TV before racing ourselves off to the airport for the flight out!

Grant County CattleWomen continue to host the very successful Saw Horse Contest at the Grant County Fair.  This year we received 11 entries, which is about average.  We also provide an award for beef exhibits and join the Cattlemen in sponsoring beef barns.

In recognition of our sisters in neighboring Adams County, we provided beef barn sponsorship at the Adams County Fair.

We continue to provide hamburgers for the local OMNY summer program picnic, which serves at-risk youth through leadership and guidance programs in the summer.

We provided sponsorship to the Evergreen Ultrasound Challenge, in which steer cuts are evaluated by participants at the GC Fairgrounds, with $100.

Our 2017 CattleWoman of the year is Helen Preston, a constant source of sound ideas, a consistent participant, and the heart and soul of the scholarship program. 

Our officers will carry over for the present.