washington state cattlewoman of the year
nomination form

A.        CattleWoman of the Year Committee
1.       CattleWoman of the Year Committee shall consist of a Chairman appointed by the President.  The current Washington CattleWomen’s President, the immediate past President and the President-Elect shall serve on the committee to select the annual award winner and these three (3) ladies will not be eligible for the award while serving on the committee.
2.       They shall seek written nominations from the affiliates for outstanding CattleWomen to be honored.
a.       Each County  affiliate can submit only one (1)  nominee per year
b.       Nominees must be current paid members of their County, and State CattleWomen (Cowbelles).
c.       If a nominee is not chosen, they may be renominated in the following year.
3.       Nominees will be judged solely on her CattleWomen activities, not on community, civic, church, etc. involvement.
4.       In the event of a tie, two (2) selections may be made.
5.       Judges selection will remain confidential until State Convention, with the exception of the nominating County.
6.       The award will be presented at the annual meeting.

this form will be submitted to jean berney, chairman
cattlewoman of the year committee

Name of Nominee *
Name of Nominee
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Nominee Address
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Write a paragraph stating nominees attributes and the contribution she has made for the betterment of our cattle industry. Please keep comments limited to CattleWomen activities.
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