Our Mission:
Provide a unified voice for beef producers, promote innovative rangeland and livestock management, protect and preserve the cattle industry in the State of Washington.


All three Capital Budgets (Governor’s, House, and Senate) have fully fund WSU’s $36.4 million construction request to complete the Global Animal Health II project, which will be the new home for the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab.

Please take a minute to go over the upcoming hearing schedule below and attached bill tracker. The next legislative cutoff is April 3rd, 2019, when bills must be passed out of policy committees.

 Livestock ID – Finally had the “big hearing” in the House Ag Committee - Senate Bill 5959 – Warnick

Organizations that testified “Pro” on Senate Bill 5959:

 ·     Washington Cattlemen’s Association

·     Cattle Producers of Washington

·     Washington Cattle Feeders Association

·     Washington State Department of Agriculture

·     Washington Federation of State Employees (representing livestock inspectors) 

Organizations that testified “Con” on Senate Bill 5959 

·     Washington State Dairy Federation 

If you would like to watch the testimony from the House Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources Committee on ESSB 5959, please see the link below. 


·     Committee Staff Report & Sen. Warnick’s Report are at 10:00 minutes

·     Testimony from audience is at 23:50 minutes

·     Capital Press article: https://www.capitalpress.com/ag_sectors/dairy/washington-beef-groups-back-brand-bill-but-dairy-industry-says/article_924bad94-5004-11e9-869f-bb91d128dff7.html

 Next Steps and How You Can Help

 Friends – It is CRITICAL that you call or email your legislators. ESPECIALLY the ones on the list below that are on the House Ag Committee. Even if you’ve talked to them previously, please touch base with them again. This bill is coming up for a vote to get out of committee on April 3rd at 8:00 a.m. – PLEASE let them know that you support Senate Bill 5959 and that you don’t want it to be changed or amended in any way.

 We still have not seen an official amendment although we know drafts are out there. Until we can actually read an offical amendment and gauge its impact on our members we continue to ask for 5959 WITHOUT AMENDMENT (or you’ll hear in the testimony “as is”).

 Here is a link that can tell you what legislative district you live in - https://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/

Email addresses for legislature: https://app.leg.wa.gov/MemberEmail/

 Click HERE to view the Committee Members contact information.