The Washington CattleWomen’s Association (formerly the Washington State CowBelles) has promoted the production and consumption of beef in Washington state since its inception in 1952. As a state branch of the American National CowBelles, the Washington CowBelles functioned as an auxiliary to the Washington Cattlemen’s Association.

Between 1952 and 1984, the Washington CowBelles remained heavily active at the national level of the organization. The state CowBelles boasted the highest national membership in 1959, even though Washington state ranked 31st in beef production at that time. Their national participation in beef advocacy was reflected in several promotional and educational activities at the state level. Most notably, the Washington CowBelles supported 4-H demonstrations, published and sold beef cookbooks, sponsored “Beef Queen” contests, and partnered with home economic courses across the state to promote cooking with beef. In 1987, the CowBelles changed their name to the Washington CattleWomen’s Association.