I feel so fortunate to have grown up on my family's ranch learning the important values of raising safe and nutritious beef for consumers all over the world.  Cattle ranching has been in my blood for six generations, and my, has the way we raise cattle changed!  It is so important to me to spread this message and promote the beef industry for what it is today.  The United States rancher is now constantly innovating new ways to better handle cattle; make beef more affordable for the consumer; and providing enough beef to feed the exponentially growing population while creating a sustainable environment for many more generations of ranchers to come.  I am proud to be a part of such an amazing industry and I'm grateful to be in the President's role representing the strong and inspiring CattleWomen from all over the great state of Washington.  It's a great feeling when you get to work so closely with people who are as passionate about something as yourself, and I don't know anyone more passionate than us CattleWomen and Cattlemen.  I've enjoyed visiting with the many industry folks I've met so far and am looking forward to meeting and engaging with so many more!  I would love to have you join me by becoming a member of the WCW.  WCW is a voice for women of all ages in the industry and a strong advocate for the ranching way of life.  By joining WCW, you become a part of a dynamic group that supports and protects family ranches, the highest quality in beef production, and the values that are essential to CattleWomen.

Kady Porterfield
WCW President